ANCU01 - Carthaginian Infantry Unit Deal

Build your armies cheaper with this Crusader Miniatures unit deal.

The Carthaginian Infantry Unit deal gives you 20 figures made up of 16 troopers and 4 command figures.

You can choose which figures you would like to make your unit up from. In the notes section of the shopping cart please let us know what kind of regiment you want:
Citizen Spearmen in Cuirass,
Unarmoured Citizen Spearmen,
Libyan Spearmen,
Veteran Spearmen or
Libyan Spearmen in Mail.

If you do not specify a preference, you will receive Libyan Spearmen by default.

Do not forget, we do a brilliant set of shield transfers for our Carthaginians in the modelling section. You will need to buy wire spears for these figures as well.

Crusader Miniatures are 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.

Carthaginian Infantry Unit Deal

Our Price was: £25.10
Special Offer price!: £22.00