ACWU01 - ACW Regiment Deal.

Build your armies cheaper with this Crusader Miniatures unit deal. The ACW regiment deal gives you 20 metal unpainted figures made up of 16 troopers and 4 command figures. And you choose the figures you want! When you place the order, write in the note section what figures you want your regiment made up from. Look through the Crusader blisters and decide which figures you would prefer. For example, you might want your troops in frock coats and kepi. You type that in, and we will make up your regiment from packs RFH30 and 31. If you do not put an option, we will by default send a jacket and kepi dressed unit. Remember, all Crusader Miniatures ACW figures can be used for either Union or Rebel troops.

ACW Regiment Deal.

Our Price: £20.00